5 Books To Read To Your Children

Reading stories with kids stimulates their creativity and helps them to learn language skills. Kids will also have access to different types of books at home or at the early learning centre perth. Provide creative expression through storytelling or puppetry. Adults will inspire kids to learn vocabulary, phrases, and the rhythm of language. By reading stories and poems aloud, adults may inspire children to learn about verbs, sentences, and the flow of language. Kids will practice book management skills, retell stories by “reading” the pictures and grow a love of reading by getting the opportunity to communicate frequently with books.

The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water 

This is a story of a crocodile who struggles with something a lot of children go through at one specific time in their life. The crocodile fears the water, unlike its siblings. The fear of water is fairly common and almost any child who at a particular age starts to learn how to swim has a fear of the unknown deep inside their heart. The book is a very good example of how life is and resonates with children who might feel that they’re different from the rest of the crowd.

Life is Magic

Life is magic is a book that interests 4-7 years olds. The book is about a magician and his assistant rabbit, who’s very fond of magic. A twist in the story puts the rabbit in a new position where he plans more ambitious and exciting magic shows. However, in the end, he realizes what he had been doing and that he needs his friends with him. The story develops interests in magic as well as in unity and friendship.

The Last Wolf

The last wolf is a book that has to be in your child’s To-Read List. The story is of Little Red who goes hunting and finds few friends there. One of which is the last wolf. They tell Little Red all about the time when the jungle was full of trees, flowers, and animals. The story has an environmental message for children that they must know as it is the need of the hour.

The Bumblebear

The bumblebear is a rather cute and fun story to read. It is about a bear that loves honey and so gets himself enrolled in a bee school. Dressed up as a giant bee, he learns all the tricks to collect honey but Amelia, a fellow bee, is curious about Bumblebear’s size. The story is fun and apart from other teachings, encourages kids to follow their passion and dreams.

Mister Magnolia 

This is a marvelously whimsical rhyme of nonsense in picture book format. Children will enjoy the verse ‘s vitality and humor, which is a joy to read together aloud. The beautiful, vivid drawings of Quentin Blake, with plenty of interesting information, that kids would enjoy picking out.

Hence, mentioned above are the five books to read to your children at the early learning center or at home. Moreover, these are different books of different genres which will help your child to stimulate their imagination and acquire language skills.