Tips for buying artist supplies

If you want to begin your journey as an artist you may have wondered how you are going to buy your first art supplies. Getting started is not that difficult and you do not have to feel overwhelmed or confused. If you have recently found yourself wandering the isles of an art supply store fret no more.

It should be kept in mind that buying art supplies is something which is up to one’s own personal preference. This is because each and every artist has their own individual style and therefore they work in certain techniques and media.

The following are some of the necessary art supplies which every artist requires:

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paint have become quite popular in the recent times. These are known to be permanent and completely non-toxic. The main reason artist prefer using acrylics is because these are incredibly versatile. Acrylic paints are available in two varieties artistic quality and student quality. Professional paints come in a wide range of colors and have a high concentration with finely grounded pigment. They also boasts a better permanent rating. On the other hand the student quality paints are cheaper with lower pigment levels and might include some fillers which might weaken the color.


Mediums are essential  for every artist. These can take the painting to the next level. The mediums can be at the liquid or liquid form and this can help you create the different effects and finishes. A medium can help make your paint look thicker, thinner, glossier or carry a matt texture. You can also have a choice for going with additives. It should be kept in mind that additives do not have any binders and therefore you might have to use them in the right proportions.

Artist supplies paint brushes

When you are about to buy paint brushes you should keep in mind that these come in 8 main shapes which are suited to a variety of techniques and details. You have the choice of going for a round paint brush, a pointed one, filbert brush and angular brush. While it might take you some time to get familiar with the names of the brushes, you need to keep in mind that brush comes in a regular and a flat shape and around and pointed one.

Painting accessories

There are painting accessories which are quite necessary if you want to become a good painter. These include a primer which is a special kind of paint medium which you apply to a   surface to make it suitable and receptive to paints. It should be kept in mind that these days most canvases and boards are available in an art supply store are already primed. You may also want to invest in a palette knife which is important if you want to create a certain effect or texture.

Canvas and canvas supports

Canvasses are available in a wide range of form and they can range from expensive stretch linen to cheap canvas pads. You may also need to invest in a canvas support which would allow you to paint with ease.

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